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"I think it's time we realize that our geography makes Kentwood the Foyer of Louisiana. We are the very first thing you see entering the state on I-55, and this alone gives us the opportunity to show travelers who we are and why we love being Louisianaians"



In some areas, citizens are forced to share the road with cars. In one particular case, a disabled man must cross the four-lane section of HWY 38 because the sidewalk is on the other side of the street. This is entirely unacceptable and as a councilman, I wish to rebuild our towns crumbling sidewalks. It would not only improve the town’s image but also its safety and ease of travel.


It is essential for a thriving community, no matter the size, to have events, festivals, and public gathering places. It is effective in generating revenue and it also combats an isolated state of mind for the inhabitants of the community. Just as I have done as a private citizen, as a councilman, I will make it my mission to assist in the operation and organization of festivals and public events that will bring our town closer together.


Accessibility and transparency have always been very important to me. When I was 16 I created my own News Agency to inform the citizens of Kentwood about what goes on in town and to let them have a chance to vocalize their concerns. As a councilman, I promise to continue this effort by transforming my campaign page into a fireside chat for the townspeople. It will serve as a direct line to me and the council and ensure that they continue to be informed and heard.


This is Kentwood, and we should take pride in our hometown. We are, after all, the welcome party for anyone that wishes to come to Louisiana and experience the most lively state in the union. But part of taking pride in our town comes with cleaning it up for more than just one day of the year as previous administrations have attempted. Because cleaning up and keeping our town welcoming and beautiful isn’t a 1-day effort, but a 365-day one.


Economic Development is not just a fancy word I use to make my campaign seem more sophisticated. Economic  Development is a term that needs all of the promises above to pan out. Business cannot thrive in a place where the citizens are not interested in how their town looks and functions. Sidewalks are needed for foot traffic, community involvement is needed for the public interest, transparency is needed for confidence, cleanliness is needed for image and value. If all of the four goals above are reached, and that is a two-way street, then Kentwood can truly blossom.

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